mission statement

Recognizing that accurate education and information about sexuality is everyone's birthright, Sex Positive St. Louis seeks to host a program of events and nurture a culture that accommodates sex positive communities in the St. Louis region. SEX +STL will use its web presence as well as social, educational and experiential events to promote the exploration of human sexuality in its many forms and to celebrate the many valuable roles that sexuality plays in our lives.

In this spirit, we work in cooperation with other like-minded communities as we practice inclusion and non-discrimination as people seek more information about their sexual desires and interests.

Culturally, SEX+STL seeks and creates models of conscious sexual experiences and finds ways to talk about them.

Because rejecting desire brings unhappiness to individuals, families and society, we stand in political and cultural solidarity with sexual minorities, sex workers and those maligned and/or persecuted for practicing consensual sexual expression between adults.